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 Regulus Solutions has developed a communications system that will create the underlying backbone for a trusted, secure, encrypted, carrier-grade communications platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart City markets utilizing unlicensed public spectrum.       

Carrier-grade, that is a tall order and it means a lot - it is also not easy and few who attempt such a standard truly achieve it. However, carrier-grade is what you achieve when you have a team of founders, each with over 30 years experience in the telecom space at companies such as Nortel and Lucent, setting out to create a best-in-class communications system.       

The data and the system are the property of our clients in their own private cloud. No shared infrastructure, no shared servers, no hosted services, you have total ownership of all data at all times. Data never leaves your national boundaries and neither does control of the system. Ever.

The system offers complete datapath encryption to ensure that security of the communication remains completely intact and the system remains perfectly operational even in the presence of relentless attempts at intrusion. 

There are many players in this space with even more claims about capacity, security and capability. Regulus Solutions will be the benchmark against which all others are measured.  

Street Lighting - When a Trojan Horse Is A Good Thing



  Street lighting is an obvious initial market. Within the next decade we can expect that most of the world's hundreds of millions of existing inefficient, maintenance-prone streetlights will be replaced with new, efficient, long-life LED-based street lights. But there is an opportunity to do more, much more.      
By placing a radio transceiver on the new lights it is possible to provide on-demand dimming, integration with municipal services, energy metering in addition to status and diagnostics. However, that is the just beginning and that is where lighting becomes the Trojan Horse. How about providing IoT services over the same secure, trusted network for other applications and in doing so turn the light pole into a revenue generating asset? It means a dramatically improved return on investment and shorter payback period for a lighting deployment. It means a new source of revenue for the light pole. It means new services and future services from the same infrastructure.      

Micro-cellular base stations. Traffic control systems. Utility systems. Emergency response systems. All of these systems are mission-critical and require high-availability, trusted, secure communications. And these systems are here today, what about tomorrow? Connected cars and autonomous vehicles will generate tons of data but will need value-added information to ensure not only more efficient routing but also safer, more reliable transit avoiding hazards, accidents and other safety impairments. Trusting that to commercial grade, or worse still consumer grade, communications infrastructure will never suffice. Regulus knows this which is why our system is designed to provide the very highest level of trust and reliability for any device connected or any service offered over our system.      

Oh, one more thing – focus. Our focus is communications systems. Period. Regulus is completely agnostic as to the end device connected to our system. We support open standard interfaces so that other applications can be easily integrated with our system. We do not make lights. We do not make utility meters. We do not make mobile base stations or other IoT devices. We do not make cars! But we do make these things communicate effectively and securely – and that is our focus.  

Engaging With Regulus Solutions



Based in Canada, Regulus Solutions has a global market focus. We have representation throughout the world to serve our customers. This includes the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia.

It is also our partners who enable Regulus Solutions to provide everything needed for a completely turn-key deployment. We have IoT partners, including lighting partners capable of providing a wide selection of products. We have a system integration partner with one of the world's largest service offerings. We have financial partners capable of providing large-scale project financing. We have it all in one package.     

And we not provide you with just a product, we will provide you with a solution for your needs. We will listen to the problems that you present, help you determine feasible objectives and work with you to develop a scalable and cost-effective solution. And that is another thing about Regulus - scalability. From a few hundred devices to many millions, we have highly scalable and cost-effective solutions for any size deployment without any sacrifices in performance or capability. Seriously. Few others can make that claim.   

We would love to show you how we can help turn messy problems into elegant solutions, turn assets that cost money into assets that generate money. Show you how we can provide an infrastructure capable of addressing the issues of today while providing for the possibilities of tomorrow.    

So, go ahead, contact us. Challenge Regulus Solutions to provide a solution for you.    

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