Our Partners



Field2Base offers a robust Field Service Management (FSM) platform to assist small to enterprise level companies reduce the use of paper forms, better manage internal workflows and access powerful analytics - all at their fingertips. Our software has resulted in increased quality, quicker deliveries, simpler processes and reduced costs for companies across a wide range of industries.  




Elumen Lighting Networks was founded in Montreal in 2003 and is today an  important player in the LED lighting in the United States, Canada,  Mexico, Middle East, the Caribbean and China. 

Elumen, the light of Tomorrow Today.




We protect our clients’ business and  brand by securing their digital assets,  platforms and applications.

Irdeto’s Cloakware cybersecurity technology, products and solutions have  been securing digital assets for 20 years. Irdeto was the inventor of  whitebox cryptography and its Cloakware solutions are differentiated by  its rich history of innovation and built-in diversity and renewability  features. 




  SigmaPoint is a Canadian EMS with 300 employees. We help OEMs simplify their manufacturing process by challenging traditional assumptions held by the industry. We have invested a large amount of time and money to make our factory 110% lean, so that we can provide a faster turn-around, better price, and shorter lead time than our competitors. We can turn on a dime and respond to requests live, which means no more production forecasting, no more waste, and no more complicated relationships with China. 

Technology is supposed to make life easier, right? Well, we thought the manufacturing of technology should be just as easy.