Managed Services

Trusted Suport



Mission Critical. High Availability. Trusted. These are not just important concepts in the world of data centers, they are critical capabilities and core competencies for Regulus.


Our services revolve around the needs of our customers. We listen to and understand your objectives. We work with you to define the requirements. We deliver a solution to optimize performance and reliability on time and on budget. We know you have come to us because you are counting on that and we will deliver.

So go ahead and ask us to help you. You will find us at the point where the paths of Excellence and Cost-Effective meet.

Network Operation Center (NOC)



A carrier-grade NOC is at the core of the system we offer at Regulus Solutions. Without a NOC designed to withstand anything and everything that the world may throw at it a system is at the mercy of chance and time – both of which will eventually win.

Our NOC is designed to be geographically redundant so if a disaster hits one location the other NOC, located anywhere you need, is able to assume full control immediately. Our hardware platforms are same platforms used for banking and telecom systems as are the operating systems. Regulus will ensure that you can have total confidence in the availability of your network any day, any time and every time.

While the confidence that you have in your network needs to be high, the price of such a system does not have to follow suit; so we offer three options for our customers:

· Customer-owned, redundant NOCs

· Customer-owed NOC + Regulus Hosted NOC

· Regulus Hosted redundant NOCs

With these three configurations we can ensure that every system, no matter how small or how large, will be delivered and managed in a cost-effective manner with the full capabilities and reliability every time.

Single Client Data Center



Highly customized and critical to operations, often very cost sensitive as well. Regulus, with our partners, can help you design and implement a data center to meet all of your objectives. 

You may be looking at a new facility or retrofitting an existing building. You may need other engineering services including architectural, mechanical, electrical and project management. Regulus can bring the teams and the partners needed from concept to go-live and ensure that your data center will meet or exceed your expectations.

Need coordination and management of several data centers? We can help there too. We can work with you to design and implement a secure, centralized command and control of multiple data centers from a single location – and we can manage that single location for you as well.